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Yo Dudes and Dudettes! Surf’s Up!

It's time to grab your board, gun, foamie, log, blade, or kamikaze shredstick and catch some epic tubes up the Tubular board. Be careful of those gnarly wipeouts, though; they’ll send you tumbling and shamed back down the lineup. And to add a little more gameplay into the battle we've got 'Locals Only' cards, pick one up and surfers will be rewarded, penalized or asked to complete a challenge. First to the finish line will be crowned the winner and forever immortalized as a radical Tubular surfing legend.

Tubular is incredibly easy to play and fun for the whole family. Kids will love the 80s/90s-inspired surf and skate graphics, including radical characters like Sue-Nami and Chug, as well as 'Locals Only' cards, and the epic-sized rollout neoprene game mat. Yep, the game mat is waterproof!  Go big or go home, right?

• Mat Size: 33"W x 21"H.
• Character Pieces: 3" Tall.

Tubular is designed for groms 7+ (only because there is reading involved, so up to your child of course!), but can most definitely be enjoyed by all ages, plus makes a great game for a fun family night. We intentionally created the game to be very easy to play, so that everyone can enjoy it and no one feels left out. Yep, groms of all ages!. It's a quick set up and you'll find you can make the game go fast or you can slow it down for a more epic surf experience when everyone gets into some of the more fun 'Locals Only' challenges. 

We totally encourage cranking up some surf punk tunes to really set the mood for charging those epic waves.

Now Let’s Get Tubular!  


Tubular Board Game

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Oh know! What are you doing here? Seems like you're stuck in an information rip and you're getting dragged further down and out. Get out of here and go and surf some epic tubes, immediately! Yew!

Biography Cards

Cool Characters

Tubular offers 6 unique, crazy and fun characters for everyone to enjoy playing with. It was important to offer powerful female characters and you'll see that with Chee, Zapper and Sue-Nami.


Extra Gameplay

locals only cards

Beyond the epic waves and wipeouts that push you up and down the board, you'll also find LOCALS ONLY cards, and they can be your friend or foe. All designed in the spirit of fun and interactivity.


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